Finish Line Delivery of Reno has made many Hot Shot deliveries throughout the western United States.  On a constant basis, Finish Line Delivery makes many Hot Shot
deliveries to mines throughout Nevada.  Since Nevada has favorable tax laws, Nevada has many warehouses for much needed parts in many industries.  This fact alone
keeps Finish Line Delivery very busy with Hot Shot deliveries throughout the western states.

Finish Line Delivery also delivers to military bases.  A hot shot delivery to a military base is very time consuming.   We have three military bases that are relatively close to
Reno.  Those bases are in Herlong, Hawthorne, and Fallon.  Getting onto the bases is a very time consuming process.  They inspect your vehicle by looking under it, under
the hood, and they even require you to open the gas door on your vehicle.  They also want your drivers license, phone and any cameras.  In some instances, they will want
your proof of insurance and vehicle registration.  Once you have passed that test, then you are usually required to have an escort onto and off the bases

Based out of Reno, Nevada, Finish Line Delivery will deliver to Arizona, California, Colorado,
Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming.  We have
expertise in delivering any kind of cargo or freight—from nuts and bolts to elephants.
Well, honestly, we haven’t delivered an elephant yet.

With over 15 years experience in the Hot Shot delivery business in Reno, we are experts in
transporting  machinery parts and tools to their much needed destinations—quickly, efficiently,
and on time.

With a wide variety of vehicles, from a small fuel efficient cars to 24 foot flat beds, we can
customize each job to fit each transport.  We will use the most economical and appropriate
vehicle to transport each piece safely and quickly.

Benefits Of A Hot Shot Delivery
  • A dedicated truck enables you to receive your much needed items as quickly as possible
  • This enables you to complete your repairs as soon as possible
  • A Hot Shot delivery will keep you on schedule
  • This will keep your production and revenues flowing
  • In Turn, you'll be able to maintain your high level of customer satisfaction

Benefits Of Finish Line Delivery
  • We will save you time
  • We will save you money
  • We will minimize your frustration
  • We have team drivers for the quickest delivery possible
  • We have AWD and 4WD vehicles for quickest and safest deliveries in extreme
    weather that will save you time and money
  • Drivers are MSHA certified

Benefits Of Eliminating The Middle Man
  • It will reduce your down-time before a truck is dispatched
  • It will lower your costs by eliminating the middleman
  • It will minimize lost productivity
  • It will maximize your revenues and profits
Items That We Deliver
  • Aircraft Parts
  • Auto Parts and Supplies
  • Nuts and Bolts
  • Construction Equipment and Supplies
  • Convention Materials and Displays
  • Electrical Equipment and Supplies
  • Electronics
  • Machine Parts, Motors, Bearings, etc
  • Mining Equipment and Supplies
  • Power Plant Equipment and Supplies
  • Valves and Fittings
  • If it’s legal and will fit in our trucks, we’ll haul it
Industries That We Have Delivered To
  • Conventions
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Military Bases
  • Mines
  • Power Plants
  • Processing Plants
  • Ranches
  • Oil and Gas Fields
  • Oil Refineries
  • Quarries
Finish Line Delivery:  Hot Shot Experts
Arizona, California, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington, & Wyoming
Finish Line Delivery Has 10 drivers who live in the Reno area.  Each of the drivers live in different parts of Reno that facilitates a quick response to a Hot Shot delivery.  At this
time Finish Line Delivery has gone outside its normal 11 western states two times.  Driver Chris had made a hot shot delivery of bearings to a power plant in Houston, Texas.  
Driver Brian has even gone to South Dakota to make a hot shot delivery of bearings to a power plant.  He made the Hot Shot delivery twice in a matter of two weeks.

When the drivers are not out making deliveries, the like to kick back and relax  by going out to the many fine restaurants  that Reno has to offer..  The casinos in Reno offer
many fine restaurants at affordable prices.  In downtown Reno, we have the Harrah's Casino that is across the street from the Cal Neva Casino in Reno.  On the main street of
downtown Reno is Circus Circus, The El Dorado, and Silver Legacy.  One of the older and smaller casinos in Reno is the Nugget which is also in downtown Reno.  The Nugget
has a hamburger called the Awful Awful.  Unlike the name the burger is enormous and delicious.  This is  the best deals for a burger that you can get in Reno.

When you get away from downtown Reno, there are other Casinos as well.  The three larger ones include the Peppermill, The Atlantis, and The Grand Sierra Resort.  At one
time the Grand Sierra Resort near the Reno airport offered a great deal for the locals.   For $7.77 a local could feast on crab, shrimp, and prime rib buffet until you couldn't eat
anymore.  There are a few other smaller casinos in Reno.  A few of those include Gold Dust West, Baldinis, and The Tamarck Junction.  Of course we also have Dotty's, which
seems to be everywhere in Reno.
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