Here at Finish Line Delivery, our philosophy is always customize the best possible transport
scenario for every customer.  Our maximum load capacity is 10,000 pounds.  Once we have
determined the dimensions and weight of your cargo, it is important for us to match your load
with the right size, most fuel efficient and safest vehicle possible, so that we an offer you the
best possible price.  Within our fleet availability is a wide variety of cars and trucks—from
subcompact cars, minivans, cargo vans, a Sprinter van, and all the way up to a 26 foot box
truck or a flat bed truck.  All-wheel drive and four-wheel drive vehicles are also included in
our fleet.  Inclement weather and difficult road conditions rarely keep us from dashing over
the “finish line” with your urgently needed items.
Right-Sizing Truck & Load
  • We can offer you the best possible price
  • Our AWD and 4WD vans and trucks can get through all types of
    weather sooner and safer than 2WD vehicles, this saves you time
    and money

Subcompact Car
  • Maximum Load 200 Pounds

Chrysler Minivan
  • Maximum Load 700 Pounds

1/2 Ton AWD Van
  • Maximum Load 1,500 Pounds

3/4 Ton Sprinter Van
  • Maximum Load 3,200 Pounds

1 Ton 4WD Cargo Van
  • Maximum Load 4,000 Pounds

1 Ton Box Truck
  • Maximum Load 4,300 Pounds

26,000 GVW Box Truck
  • Maximum Load 10,000 Pounds

26,000 GVW Flat Bed Truck
  • Maximum Load 10,000 Pounds
At Finish Line Delivery, we have many types of vehicles at our disposal.  We have subcompact cars, minivans, AWD vans, 4WD vans, sprinter
vans, box and flat bed trucks.  Depending upon the size of the load and the weather conditions, finish Line /dleivery may dispatch a 4WD truck
to hot shot your load to any of the 11 western United States, that includes Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico,
Oregon, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming.  Just this last week, driver Andy made a hot shot delivery from south of Reno to Bismark, North
Dakota.  Andy used his Sprinter Van to hot shot a load of bearings to a power plant.  
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